Atlanta Dent Removal Paintless Dent Removal Now Available to Everyone

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is a technique used by new and used car dealerships throughout the United States to restore the appearance of damaged vehicles without the cost and loss of value associated with body shop repairs.

This relatively unknown process is now available to individual car owners looking to restore the appearance and value of their vehicles.  Individuals throughout the country can now search for these dent technicians in their home towns. 

Paintless dent removal removes the dent on your vehicle without having to use paint and bondo.  The dent is removed by slowly applying pressure to the back side of the sheet metal.  The paint and appearance of you vehicle is not damaged and the dent is slowly  pushed back into its original position. 

Paintless dent removal should not be attempted by individuals without the knowledge and experience gained through months of practice. Paintless dent removal attempted by individuals without experience can damage the vehicle and make conventional body work mandatory.

Paintless Dent removal is also used to remove the dents and dings created by hail storms.  Hail damage on vehicles can be removed by the PDR process.  Using Paintless dent removal on a hail damaged car can save thousands of dollars over conventional repairs.

To find a qualified Paintless Dent Removal expert in your area, search Dent removal or PDR in your city.  To find Paintless Dent Removal in Atlanta visit

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